A Pretty Website Isn't Enough

A Pretty Website Isn't Enough

Everybody wants a beautiful website. When potential customers land on your site you want them to be impressed with your flashy graphics, fancy fonts, and cool scrolling effects. Maybe even a slideshow sharing the latest pictures of your business, with the slow panning Ken Burns effect applied carefully to each photo.

We love beautiful sites too! That’s why we stay up to date on all the latest trends in web design; we want your business website to be attractive, modern, and professional, just like your small business.


Your website needs to be more than just attractive to look at. This isn’t a beauty contest, this is business, and ultimately your website should be more focused around adding value to your company and your customers than competing to be the sexiest space on the digital block.


At Via Del Web, we focus our designs primarily around the goals your small business has for your website. Each of our web design packages includes at least one business-specific functionality, with the Business and Advanced packages offering options of several different functionalities to choose from.

What is a Business-Specific Functionality?

A Business-Specific functionality is a “tool” built into your website that is useful to your specific business. The kind of tool depends on the industry your business is in and the goals you have for your website in relation to your business. For example, the business-specific functionality for a restaurant’s website would be online ordering from their menu. This is a functionality that serves the restaurant’s goal of taking food orders online and increasing overall customer orders.

However, a roofing company has different goals for their website. They want their website to generate leads, so a contact form for potential clients to enter their information that is connected to the roofing company’s CRM would be a business-specific functionality for their site.

A third example is a business that schedules direct appointments for services, such as barbers, nail salons, tattoo artists, and more. A lead generation form could potentially be useful to these businesses too, but a calendar booking link allowing customers to book appointments directly into the business’ schedule would be even better.